Put Your Money To Work

Introducing an easier way to buy and invest in properties via Malaysia’s first and only property crowdfunding platform

How Investors Can Benefit

Discover a new way to invest
Access the home mortgage asset class, which until recently, has historically been available only to banks and large institutions
Competitive returns
Enjoy 5% - 15% of potential return, based on portfolio of residential properties
No Lock Up Period
Cash-out anytime through our proprietary secondary exchange.
Diversify Easily
Invest in multiple properties at the click of a button, from as low as RM1,000.

How It Works

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    Browse Our Offerings

    View our portfolio of property backed home loans, with more listed each month..

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    Invest at a click of a button

    Choose the loan portfolio for you to invest in, and set your investment amount. Start from RM1,000. If funding target is not achieved, your investment is returned in full.

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    Get Paid Every Quarter

    Earn return of up to 6% annually, secured by portfolio of residential properties.

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    Cash-out When You Need To

    While your return is optimised if held for the maximum duration of 5 years, you have the choice of cashing-out by selling it in our proprietary secondary exchange

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    Receive Original Capital + Appreciation* At End of 5 Years

    FMH will calculate and disburse cash from sales of property at the end of 5 years, based on pre-agreed sharing formula

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