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Why Choose FundMyHome?

Pay 20%

Pay only 20% of the Purchase Price

By connecting homebuyers with institutions who contribute the remaining 80%, FundMyHome gives you easier access and more flexibility than a regular mortgage

Not monthly payments

No Mortgages, No Monthly Payments

You enjoy ALL the benefits of ownership and occupation WITHOUT monthly repayments. Enjoy more cash in your pocket at the end of the month to spend or save.

Not monthly payments

Move Into Your Dream Home Today

With increased purchasing power, you can move into your dream home immediately. Take your pick of the many types of properties, location and amenities.

Who Benefits?

Pay 20%

Stop Paying for Someone Else’s Home

“Pay RM1,250 per month in rental for 5 years? Or pay RM1,250 per month towards owning my own home? The choice is obvious!”

Not monthly payments

Give your Child a Head Start

“A mortgage, or a one-off payment? I choose to make it easier for my child.”

What's The Trade-off?

Pay 20%

Upside is Shared

You do not pay any interest to the institutions who helped fund your purchase. But a portion of any capital gains is shared after 5 years.

Not monthly payments


Any fall in the value of property after 5 years is borne by the homeowner. However the amount is limited to the capital invested and offset by rental earned or saved.

Not monthly payments

5 Year Holding Period

We encourage long term owners, not speculators. Therefore, you must hold the home for 5 years during which you may either stay or rent it out.

No more financial insecurities. We’re here to make owning homes more accessible and affordable.


Over the past 10 years, Malaysian property prices have grown 7.7% on average

We believe that through FundMyHome, anyone can jumpstart their investment in real estate and build a portfolio confidently, without the hassle and repayments that traditionally comes with it.

At a minimum of RM5,000, you can benefit from real estate’s annualised average returns and long-term appreciation. Best of all, FundMyHome guarantees an annual yield of 5% on top of a share of the capital upside.

The 10-year Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of properties in Malaysia
All Property Terraced High-Rise Semi-D
7.71% 7.96% 8.22% 6.86%

Source: National Property Information Centre (NAPIC)

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Find a property

Choose a Fully Funded home or one that says Funding in Progress to initiate contributions


Buy a home

Become a home owner by paying just 20% while instutitions contribute the remaining 80%


Stay for 5 years

Move in, or rent it out - without monthly mortgage payments or interest charges.


Year 5: Refinance or Profit

Buyers can sell or refinance their home and institutions will receive their share of returns upon exit

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