Unlock The Doors to Your New Home

Introducing an easier way for aspiring home owners to get on the property ladder and own their first home, completely mortgage-free.

How First Time Homebuyers Can Benefit

Own now and build your happy place
Don’t continue renting while waiting to save up a big deposit for a home. You can start owning now for less.
No mortgage, low monthly payments
Pay 10% less in monthly payments compared to mortgages. No hidden fees or costs.
Turn your rent payments into equity
With every monthly payment, homeowners will build equity value. As a homeowner, you stand to own at least 20% of the home in 5 years.
Stand to benefit from capital gains
As the home increases in value, you stand to profit from a portion of the upsides while maintaining the same monthly repayment.

How It Works

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    Choose Your Home

    Use our home search engine, which lets you filter your dream home based on your personal criteria like pricing, size, townships, commute time, etc.

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    Crowdfund Your Home

    Pay a 5% deposit, and FMH crowdfunded your home from retail and institutional investors within 30 days. If funding target is not achieved, your deposit is returned in full.

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    Move In!

    You get your keys in as little as 3 months from when we successfully crowdfund your home.

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    Make a Fixed Monthly Payment

    Make the same payment each month and watch your equity value grow as your home appreciates in value.

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    Refinance or Sell in Year 5

    Refinance or sell your home in year 5 and capture all the capital gains. If property price falls, you can choose to walk away with no debt!

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