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Buying a Home

For most of us, homes are probably the single largest investment we will make in our lives. However, increasing property prices, the inability to obtain a mortgage and other financial burdens coupled with the rising cost of living are just some of the problems we face.

FundMyHome aims to help address these problems by bringing first-time homebuyers and property investors together in a mutually-beneficial relationship. Buyers only need to make a one-time payment (20% of property price) to own a home without the burden of monthly repayments.

The rest of the money (80%) would come from contributions by institutional funders.

Find a home

Choose from list of participating homes

Pay only 20%

Institutions contribute 80% so Buyers have no repayments.

Move into YOUR home!

It’s yours now. Live in it or rent it out. It’s your choice!

In year 5, stay or sell

Refinance or sell the home. Contributors get a share of capital gains when you sell.

Take a Peek into the Future

See what to expect after you have bought your first home
Property Price

RM 200,000

RM 5,000,000

Annual Home Value Appreciation Rate



FundMyHome - A Smarter Choice for Home Buyers


With FundMyHome, you pay a minimal amount to own a home for 5 years, which could potentially save you more than paying rent.

No monthly repayments

Did you know that the average Malaysian spends 60% of their household income on loan repayments? FundMyHome offers first-time home buyers easier ownership without a bank loan.

Note to Buyers

FundMyHome is not intended to be a short-term financing platform for homebuyers. We do not recommend it for anyone who does not intend to own the home for at least FIVE years or who wishes to make a quick profit on the home.

Typically, it takes time for properties to appreciate in value. However, if the house price goes down, the Buyer may lose some or all of his capital. As owner of the home, the buyer is also responsible for the maintenance of the home and other relevant costs of ownership (management fees, insurance, quit rent, etc).

Contributing to a Home

Discover a simpler and safer way to grow your property portfolio and get 5% return annually. Best of all? You stand a chance to get back your principal PLUS a share of the upside if the property price goes up in year 5. If the property price falls by not more than 20%, you will still get back your principal

Pick a property

Choose from a list of properties open for funding

Start contributing

Contribute 80% of the property price

Get Annual Returns

Earn a guaranteed yield of 5% annually

Exit in Year 5

Get a share of the capital gains when Buyer sells the home
*FundMyHome is currently accepting contributions from Institutions only and will be open to individuals by 2019